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Get rewarded for travelling car-free!


Join us at our Let’s Go Green event, learn more about local sustainability initiatives and get rewarded for visiting us car-free!  

On Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September between 11am & 4pm all visitors are welcome on Central Boulevard as we host our Let’s go Green event! Free to attend with various activities to get involved in and interact with!

Every visitor who travels to Rushden Lakes car-free can claim an instant reward for giving it a go! Car-free really does mean that: if you have walked, wheeled, cycled, scooted or come by public transport, you can claim your reward. We will be giving every visitor, who travelled car free on the event days, a token to use at Bewiched, Magazine Heaven, Jamaica Blue or Patisserie Valerie which enables them to a x1 free hot or cold drink.

How to claim your reward*:

  • Where: Central Boulevard, Brightwayz stand
  • When: 10th & 11th September
  • How: Show proof of car-free travel to Rushden Lakes to a member of Rushden Lakes team located at the Brightwayz travel information stand for your token

Why go car-free?

  • Save money: running a car and buying petrol is expensive. Go car-free and pocket the savings
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution: active, electric and public transport is many times better for the planet than driving
  • Avoid traffic: Going car-free means you can avoid the hassle of traffic and parking
  • Stay longer: while there is a 5 hour parking limit, this doesn’t apply if you have travelled car-free! Stay longer and have a whole day out at Rushden Lakes
  • If you’ve walked, run, scooted, cycled or come by bus to Rushden lakes, you’ve just earned the right to treat yourself. Visit Magazine Heaven or Patisserie Valerie for your free drink.

Proof of travel includes:

  • A bus ticket
  • Show us your bike, mobility scooter etc
  • Strava/Garmin/fitness tracker record of your journey. This is a great way to prove you walked or cycled!
  • Proof of rental on the VOI scooter app

Who can take part?

  • Any visitors to Rushden Lakes
  • All Store, Leisure and Restaurant staff

Make it a habit:

  • Once you’ve given it a go, the next step is to travel car-free as often as possible
  • The more often you can travel car-free the more the savings and benefits add up
  • Set your own goals and rewards to help motivate yourself
  • Track your car-free travel and savings

Still need to use a car? Here are some tips:

  • We are not restricting car access on this day, you are still able to travel by car
  • Consider going electric. Rushden Lakes has 16 electric car chargers on site if you need them. Electric cars can significantly reduce air pollution, and the chargers at Rushden Lakes are powered by renewable energy
  • Visit off-peak to avoid congestion. Rushden Lakes is usually quieter before 11am and after 4pm
  • Car share with friends, family and neighbours. Shared cars = shared costs, reduced traffic and reduced environmental impact
  • Avoid engine idling to reduce fuel costs and environmental impact

Terms and Conditions:

  • Must be redeemed on the 10th & 11th September 2022, in participating stores (Magazine Heaven Artisan Café or Patisserie Valerie).
  • Can only be redeemed at Rushden Lakes.
  • Must show proof of travelling car-free. If walking must provide adequate proof from the apps provided above.
  • 1x hot or 1x cold drink equalling to £3. Terms and conditions apply to participating stores. They have the right to withdraw the offer at any time.