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Rushden Lakes Sustainable Travel Day

Rushden Lakes Sustainable Travel Day

On the 25th September Rushden Lakes will be holding a Sustainable Travel Day. So, we caught up with staff working at Rushden Lakes, to see how they travel to work car-free.


Sapphire – Wren Kitchens

Sapphire works at Wren Kitchens and travels to work using a VOI scooter!

“Since I’ve been using the VOIS to travel to work and back, it has saved me a fortune, costs less than petrol and taxis. I use them 5 times a week to and from work.
I’ve worked for Wren for 2 years and this is the best travel method I have found.”

To find out more about the VOI scooters click here.

For more information on Wren Kitchens >

Alex – AJ Cycles

Alex works at AJ Cycles, where you can find him repairing and maintaining bikes. The “family feel” business ethic means AJ Cycles is more than just another cycle shop. It is a place where like minded people will meet for social rides, asking their advice and opinions on various products or even popping in for a friendly chat and a coffee.

“I enjoy cycling, and it keeps me fit and healthy. It’s convenient and is a bit of recreation in the morning. I come from Bedford, so it is a lot quicker than other forms of transport.”

For more information on the services AJ Cycles provides visit here.


Jaz – Paradise Island Adventure Golf

Jaz walks to work everyday, and has done since since Paradise Island opened!

“I’ve walked to and from work ever since I started at Paradise Island 2 and a half years ago, it takes me about 40 minutes to get there but I love it. It gives me an excuse to get out into the fresh air every day and means I don’t have to sit in any traffic or worry about where to park at the lakes. It also leaves me enough time to pop via Costa or do a bit of window shopping on my way in!”

For more information on the Greenways and other walking routes please visit here.


Ivett – Regatta Great Outdoors

Ivett travels by bus to work. She has recently become the Store Manager at Regatta Great Outdoors, where you can find high quality, affordable outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment.

“I travel to Rushden Lakes from Finedon by bus as this is really convenient for me, with the bus stop just 2 minutes from my house. It also fits in really well with my working day and I can be home in 10-15 mins some days.”

To find buses for Rushden Lakes click here.


Alan – Security Controller for Rushden Lakes

One of Rushden Lakes security officers travels to work using the bus.

“I am Alan. I work as one of the security controllers on the night shift and use the local bus to travel from Raunds to the Lakes. I find the bus very handy especially during the week when they are every half hour so can plan a journey with ease. My journey is 40 minutes and I can sit on the bus music on and just relax till I have to get off. The service the company Stagecoach provide is very good and a variety of busses run to and from the site and is a central location to get to destinations like Wellingborough, Northampton and Kettering.”