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Jobs for Local People

Rushden Lakes launches recruitment programme to support local job seekers

Recruit Rushden Lakes is a free recruitment programme set up by The Crown Estate. It will connect a talented local workforce with new jobs in the area. This in turn helps our retail and restaurant businesses at Rushden Lakes, together with other local businesses in the area, find and train the staff they need.

Recruit Rushden Lakes will work with employers and agencies (including Jobcentre Plus) to match local jobseekers with vacancies, and to provide businesses with skilled, job-ready candidates.

Recruit Rushden Lakes will provide ongoing support for candidates, including workshops, training programmes and one-to-one workplace mentoring. Faheem Qureshi, Head of Employment Generation at The Crown Estate, said: “We want Rushden Lakes to be a brilliant place for people to shop, spend time and to work. With our recruitment programme we are implementing a proven model, one that we know has been successful in London and other locations around the UK in helping unemployed people get back into work. There is huge support for Rushden Lakes and excitement about the opportunities for the area, our aim is to further enhance the positive impact Rushden Lakes has with the local community and on the local economy.”

The Crown Estate, the owner of Rushden Lakes, is funding the launch of Recruit Rushden Lakes. The Crown Estate launched its first recruitment programme in 2009, with Recruit London, to help unemployed Londoners get jobs with employers in the West End. Over the last eight years, Recruit London has helped more than 1,500 people get work in London.

The programme has since been successfully established in three further locations around the country – Leicester, Worcester and Exeter – with more programmes to follow later this year, including the launch at Rushden Lakes.