The history of Rushden Lakes

The idea of Rushden Lakes as a shopping and leisure destination began to take shape as far back as 2009. The aim was to develop a nature reserve as a key attraction for a new retail development. The owners The Crown Estate and developers LxB Properties appointed architects HPW, who made their first visit to the site in that year.

With the natural environment uppermost in their mind, HPW’s design team worked closely with Natural England, The Wildlife Trust, The Environment Agency, Highways England and East Northamptonshire Council.

After extensive public consultation from 2011, and a public enquiry in 2013, Secretary of State Eric Pickles agreed to the scheme in 2014. During that time, many notable features and suggested improvements have been integrated to ensure Rushden Lakes provides a lasting benefit for everyone locally.
Image of the Boardwalk and lake

Image of the Boardwalk and lake

After planning approval for phase 1 was granted in 2014, work started on site in autumn 2015 to develop a retail centre. Approval to add a leisure terrace was granted in April 2016 and all initial work is nearing completion ready for a full opening in autumn 2017. Approval for phase 2 was granted in March 2017.